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ARK Survival Evolved Genesis Part 1-CODEX

ARK Survival Evolved Genesis Part 1-CODEX

Continue your quest for ultimate survival and unlock a whole new chapter in the saga of ARK: Survival Evolved with the ARK: Genesis Season Pass! This Season Pass gives you access to two new huge expansion packs, and one exclusive in-game robotic AI companion called ‘HLN-A’. In ARK: Genesis, further the ARK storyline while adventuring through exotic new worlds with all-new mission-based gameplay. Discover, utilize and master new creatures, new craftable items, weapons, and structures unlike anything you have seen yet!

The Genesis Season Pass includes:
– ARK: Genesis Part 1 (available February 25, 2020)
– ARK: Genesis Part 2 (available Winter 2020)
– Exclusive HLN-A cosmetic pet (available right now!)

The massive “ARK: Genesis Part 1” expansion includes:

Waking up within a virtual simulation, you must survive in a world unlike anything you’ve seen before! ARK: Genesis represents a new, story-oriented beginning in ARK’s epic saga of survival. With a strangely familiar companion, you must overcome the simulation’s rigorous tests. Only by fighting, building, taming, and exploring will you uncover the secrets behind this forbidding place.

A holographic guide to the simulation, HLN-A, offers a wide array of missions at varying difficulty levels, for you to tackle at your own pace — everything from gunning down waves of enemies with the aid of power-ups, escorting vulnerable baby creatures to their parents, tracking and hunting down powerful bosses, competing in Dino Races, even playing a round of Dodo-Basketball, and much more. The simulation itself isn’t perfect, so you can earn extra credit (and experience) by fixing the glitches scattered all throughout the world. Completing missions earns you Hexagons, which you can spend for extra resources, TEK items, and more.

ARK: Genesis features beautiful biomes ripe for exploration — but they all want you dead. The simulator tests your mettle across fetid alien bogs, deep undersea trenches, frigid mountain peaks, dangerous volcanic hellscapes… and even the wild low-gravity surface of an alien moon. Conquering each area requires preparation, smarts, and the ability to improvise so that when a volcano rains fire from the sky, an avalanche buries you, or a whirlpool pulls you into the briny deep, you’re ready to meet the challenge!

The environments may be dangerous, but they’re nothing compared to the new creatures who call ARK: Genesis home: web-spinning spiderlike beasts, cute-but-deadly shapeshifters, sea turtles the size of islands, and lava lizards that act as living forges. Plus, who doesn’t want to fly around on an immense hyperspace-capable space whale? Master the simulation, and you can test yourself against a mysterious new boss… the likes of which ARK has never seen before.

As you brave the many dangers of ARK: Genesis, take some time to craft new gear. Wield weapons like combo-capable plasma claws and remote-guided cruise missiles. Make tools from fishing nets to mining drills, or new vehicles such as hover-skiffs. Build interactive structural elements such as pressure plates, alarm systems, jump pads, ocean platforms and more. Whether you’re a go-it-alone survivalist, a weapon-making warmonger, or a base-building architect, this expansion has a crafting project suited for you.

ARK: Genesis takes your story in an all-new direction — and your skill determines your success. Everything is turned up to the highest setting: the challenges, the dangers…and the vast rewards. Only the toughest and smartest survivors will pass all of the simulation’s many tests. Will you be one of them?

ARK Survival Evolved Genesis Part 1-CODEX

SIZE: 82.1 GB

NOTES: This release is standalone and includes all content and DLC from our previous releases and updates.

ARK Survival Evolved Genesis Part 1-CODEX.torrent


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  • OS: 64-Bit Windows 7 Service Pack 1, or Windows 8
  • Processor: 2 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU
  • Memory: 4000 MB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX10 Compatible GPU with 1 GB Video RAM
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 40 GB available space
  • Additional Notes ↓ : Requires broadband internet connection for multiplayer




      - Extract 
      - Burn or mount the .iso
      - Run setup.exe and install
      - Copy crack from CODEX dir to installdir
      - Play
      NOTES: This release is standalone and includes all content and 
      DLC from our previous releases and updates.

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  • img
    Feb 26, 2020 @ 20:55

    Thanks for the great supply of gamez. Any estimation when this one will be ready for direct DL from google, fichier, uptobox, etc… ?

  • img
    Feb 26, 2020 @ 22:14

    Thank you CODEX! this awesome!

  • img
    Igor Ramos Reply
    Feb 27, 2020 @ 00:35

    Não vale apena baixar esse jogo agora por que ainda vai sair a parte 2 e algumas atualizações mais la pra frente.. por enquanto vou ficar jogar a penúltima atualização que tem o mapa Valguero

  • img
    SkeXx Reply
    Feb 27, 2020 @ 02:16

    Prepare the space guys . Decompress it’s 223 GB ! Omg ! Thank u skidrow codex , love u and GLHF

  • img
    Feb 27, 2020 @ 06:07

    this awesome! Thank u skidrow codex

    • img
      jone Reply
      Mar 01, 2020 @ 01:08

      part 2 size? and the game full crack?

  • img
    Chronobrrj Reply
    Feb 28, 2020 @ 08:05

    If I only have Ark Aberration and am playing on that, I need to get this BIG file, right? Will I be able to use my old save file? Will this new Update find and recognize my Save File? (I play Solo)

  • img
    zaid Reply
    Mar 01, 2020 @ 00:59

    crack ? so i wait for part 2 to setup the game
    part 2 size ?

  • img
    Mar 01, 2020 @ 14:30

    Est-ce que ce crack a tout les dlc ainsi que le normal avec genesis ?

  • img
    Fisnein Reply
    Mar 01, 2020 @ 21:59

    does it work multiplayer?

  • img
    MisterD Reply
    Mar 03, 2020 @ 09:56

    Two days downloading, and it does nothing. Literally. Tried launching it, the only effect is a dllhost.exe process appearing briefly and then disappearing. Tried googling for “ark not launching” “doing nothing” and such, but it’s all steam-oriented of course…

  • img
    Andrej Reply
    Mar 07, 2020 @ 14:58

    It won’t open

  • img
    Chance Mac Reply
    Mar 08, 2020 @ 18:14

    Its called part 1 because its “Ark Survival Genesis Part 1”..
    Part 2 comes out later in the year.

  • img
    joghurt is back Reply
    Mar 19, 2020 @ 00:06

    Guys i downloaded the game both the updates and when i click to run the game only some music for 2 sec and it wont load , does anyone has the same issue?

    • img
      MisterD Reply
      Mar 19, 2020 @ 09:44

      More like half a second, but I have the same exact problem.

  • img
    ztyp Reply
    Mar 29, 2020 @ 10:48

    Any Chance to use Mods with tihe Release? I want only the Structure Plus mod…

  • img
    b11labong Reply
    Mar 30, 2020 @ 16:46

    Hey guys i just download the game – install (GOOD work and thnx a lot) but i cant find how to install it at steam to play multyplayer i search at google-youtube and i find only other sites that have program inside the link (sorry for my bad english) anyone have any idea how to do it ? thnx a lot again have a nice day all

  • img
    mistusiyasu Reply
    May 22, 2020 @ 21:47

    All you need to do is download daemon tools lite and mount that image “codex-ark” etc..

  • img
    thegamer Reply
    Jun 05, 2020 @ 01:45

    It keeps on crashing and I don’t know what to do.