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From legendary game creator Hideo Kojima comes an all-new, genre-defying experience.

Sam Bridges must brave a world utterly transformed by the Death Stranding. Carrying the disconnected remnants of our future in his hands, he embarks on a journey to reconnect the shattered world one step at a time.

Starring Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux, and Lindsay Wagner.

Additional PC features include HIGH FRAME RATE, PHOTO MODE and ULTRA-WIDE MONITOR SUPPORT. Also includes cross-over content from Valve Corporation’s HALF-LIFE series.

All Day One copies of the game will also additionally include:
• DEATH STRANDING Official Score Expanded Edition digital soundtrack by Ludvig Forssell, including 10 unreleased bonus tracks.
• “Selections From ‘The Art of DEATH STRANDING’” Digital Book (by Titan Books)



SIZE: 63.7 GB


FULL UNLOCKED version are game files without crack. It’s not playable right now.



If you cant see the links press CTRL+F5


    Not found



  • OS: Windows® 10
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-3470 or AMD Ryzen™ 3 1200
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 1050 3 GB or AMD Radeon™ RX 560 4 GB
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 80 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible


  • OS: Windows® 10
  • Processor: Intel™ Core i7-3770 or AMD Ryzen™ 5 1600
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB or AMD Radeon™ RX 590
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 80 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible





FULL UNLOCKED version are game files without crack. It’s not playable right now.
  • img
    alekx Reply
    Jul 14, 2020 @ 17:51

    “NOT CRACKED !!! WAIT FOR CRACK !!!” how many months? 3 like for RE3? and still lacking

    • img
      salad Reply
      Jul 17, 2020 @ 16:38

      lmfao what are you demanding? Like if you were paying them to get the crack, if you want it so bad just buy the game, lmfao fucking loser

    • img
      lawgend Reply
      Jul 28, 2020 @ 02:59

      apperently cunt keep talking trash =)) some even said the game is bad. Even if the game is bad he still go check the crack =)) and comment on it =)) loolz weird fuuck. Also some trash can expect crack game to be ready like fast food meal he buy in supermarket =)) fun retard lads. Tbh if I could learn how to crack the game I would love to help them instead of spaming stupid shit loolz.

      • img
        Estrella Metal Reply
        Sep 03, 2020 @ 22:04

        I will note @Lawgend on July 28th at 2pm. You they don’t sell fast food at the super market, otherwise it would be a restaurant. Prepared meals-ready to eat isn’t the same thing.

  • img
    Jul 14, 2020 @ 18:00


  • img
    Deivid Araujo Reply
    Jul 14, 2020 @ 18:01

    I would like to understand what is the propose of post a game without a crack as it should be a site that share cracked games, usually the games that is “Full unlocked” does not receive a crack like RE3 for example. I do believe that we prefer to have the game when it be cracked than come here and be happy to se a AAA game that does not have a crack.

  • img
    jpixxx Reply
    Jul 14, 2020 @ 18:27

    and a new game without crack, AGAIN………… that’s so borring to have that kind of file…. don’t understand the interest with that

  • img
    son Reply
    Jul 14, 2020 @ 18:32

    need file Crack BRO???

  • img
    Robert Reply
    Jul 14, 2020 @ 18:55

    Someone enlighten me please, WTF is a FULL UNlocked game versus a CRACKED game?!?

    • img
      Jul 16, 2020 @ 04:03

      The unlocked version means you can download the uncracked game files in order to save you time when the crack comes out. When crack is ready you just run the crack instalation software and play.

  • img
    MakeOutHill3114 Reply
    Jul 14, 2020 @ 19:16

    Im gonna crack it by my self… but thx for the upload i dont need more <3

    • img
      Jul 16, 2020 @ 02:13


      Okay, let us all know when you have hit that breakthrough, so we can then add your name to the BS’ers Hall of Fame.

  • img
    merl2619 Reply
    Jul 14, 2020 @ 19:37

    if you are in a hurry you can buy it!

  • img
    yahari2222 Reply
    Jul 14, 2020 @ 20:26

    yeah reakly stupid to post those uncracked game . Anyway everybody new that this game was denuvo and that i will not be cracked and wont be for a long long time . But anyway it is not a big miss , surely the worst kojima game .

  • img
    Jul 14, 2020 @ 21:19

    I can’t wait HEHEHE

  • img
    BD Reply
    Jul 15, 2020 @ 00:31

    A bunch of idiots complaining about free stuff. WAA. Fuck off back to steam if you can’t appreciate the hard work people put in to run this place.

  • img
    natten Reply
    Jul 15, 2020 @ 00:53

    yeah I knew it… see you next year, I think… 😀

  • img
    KuroTapes Reply
    Jul 15, 2020 @ 01:04

    Thanks for your efforts

  • img
    Jul 15, 2020 @ 02:02

    why not cracked games keep being posted? such stupidity.

  • img
    xRay Reply
    Jul 15, 2020 @ 17:13

    I’m so pissed off by such whining in comments.
    Mommy bought you a computer, ask her to buy you games too, or shut your mouth and politely wait for people who have sacrificed their whole lives so that you can play other games for free, instead of drooling to them watching YouTube videos.
    I’m disgusted seeing people like you.

  • img
    Jul 15, 2020 @ 19:11

    It’s not so hard to thank someone for their efforts in bringing us these games…there shouldn’t be any issue getting these for free, cracked or not, at least you’ll have it for when a crack is developed, so why all of the immature comments & complaints, really? This is the problem with this generation, ungratefulness, impatience, immaturity, yet you have it all. Resorting to insults over the internet, the “tough-guy” attitude from behind the safety of a computer screen, why? Take a step back from yourselves and look at the big picture…there’s a whole world out there with real issues, conflict, death and now the pandemic…yes, all real, and it’s not a game. It’s time to grow up and realize that there’s more to life than gaming, a lot more. Appreciate what you have and the efforts that people make to bring you this free doesn’t just fall out of the sky, there’s real work and effort behind it, and of course their time is valuable too. Why not just say “THANK YOU” and show your gratitude, show some kindness, be appreciative…drop the anger and tough guy attitude, grow up. These are games, free games, this isn’t the real world…be nice, be cool, be thankful…I for one am. Peace!

  • img
    Jarosław Reply
    Jul 15, 2020 @ 20:49

    Not a big loss, this game is crap anyway. I have it on ps4 and it’s so fucking boring…

    • img
      Jul 16, 2020 @ 01:54


      You are basically telling everyone here that you blew money on this game for your PS4, played it for a bit and found that it wasn’t to your liking cause you found it to be too boring.
      Then you add that it’s not a big loss, cause you feel that the game sucks, yet the thing you are missing out on is the fact that you just burnt a hole in your pocket on a game you don’t even like.

      Bad judgement call?… sure, especially when you rush out to get a game for your PS4 without taking the proper time to thoroughly check out the reviews and game play for it, before you go ahead and buy it.
      Buying a game isn’t about watching a short game trailer, and saying, “Ohhhhh… look at the pretty graphics”, and then rushing out to your local EB or Gamestop store to reserve your pre-order copy.

      I hope you remembered to keep the bill for the game, cause if you hadn’t then that would be a big loss to you, money wise.

    • img
      mhepoh20 Reply
      Jul 27, 2020 @ 16:40

      not a big loss? and you’re still here waiting for crack? *lmao*

  • img
    Errar Wai Yan Reply
    Jul 15, 2020 @ 21:25

    I just give up hoping when I see Death stranding capturing with re3 and rdr2 ,bu thanks codex for eerything they cracked.

  • img
    george Reply
    Jul 16, 2020 @ 19:24

    full unlocked guys it means the game is here to who ever have the knowledge to make a crack by himself.thats what i think it means.i dont have that knowledge of course so il wait for the great guys who can crack it to succeed so that we all cheap bitches have it to stop doing like 7 years old in comments and understand how difficult it is to crack some games but at the end they almost always be patient or go buy it…

  • img
    Robert Reply
    Jul 16, 2020 @ 22:30

    Those people over at CPY are really pathetic claiming to have a crack for Death Stranding or RDR2…

  • img
    a person who... Reply
    Jul 19, 2020 @ 06:50

    If codex cracked this one i hope you can crack RE3 Remake aswell

  • img
    John Reply
    Jul 19, 2020 @ 18:15

    For games that have no crack, I usually buy it for like $5 as a ‘shared account’ game (Steam offline only playable) from my local online store. It may not be legal, but hey, it works for me. I did it for F1 2019 & RE3, and I’m going to do the same for Death Stranding. But anyway, let’s hope there will be a crack so that others can play it!

  • img
    Jul 20, 2020 @ 18:28

    @MakeOutHill3114 How can I crack a game?

  • img
    Robert Chapman Reply
    Jul 22, 2020 @ 23:04

    what is the password?

  • img
    latis Reply
    Jul 23, 2020 @ 02:04

    x2 the password??? please

  • img
    Robert Reply
    Jul 23, 2020 @ 11:11

    @Robert Chapman, @latis Don’t bother with it, there is NO crack yet, the password thing is just to make you spend some money on some really dubious sites…

  • img
    lame Reply
    Jul 24, 2020 @ 13:00

    Guess i’ll have to crack it myself :/

  • img
    Tead Reply
    Jul 26, 2020 @ 15:11

    Thank you for all your efforts to make your achievements worthwhile for those who can not afford to buy games. XOXO

  • img
    Tead Reply
    Jul 26, 2020 @ 15:15

    Thank you for all your efforts to make your achievements worthwhile for those who can not afford to buy games.

  • img
    Goth Reply
    Jul 26, 2020 @ 15:30

    Buy the game, fucking dipshit

  • img
    ALienai Reply
    Jul 28, 2020 @ 04:08

    let me know when crack is available … i cant wait long … i will download this for now… please crack fast

  • img
    novy god Reply
    Jul 31, 2020 @ 10:56

    you can donwload and you cant crack by yourself wkwkkwkw

  • img
    OblivioN Reply
    Aug 03, 2020 @ 18:11

    well i dunno if i should buy this game or not!
    it’s one of the most anticipated games for this year…

    has anyone played? is it worth the money? cos’ i have read several gamers complaning its just… meh!!
    any feedback would be nice!

    and last but not least a HUGE thanks to SKIDROW and CODEX for this game!

    • img
      Aug 04, 2020 @ 20:04

      Since we all know this game is not going to be cracked anytime soon, i bought it, i’ve playing for 45 hours and what i can tell you is this: if you are familiar with Kojima’s work probably you are going to understand most of the things and little details he adds into the game. Some people said the game is a “walking simulator” but trust me, is not, from my point of view i honestly i can recommend the game, i think is worth to play, but is very important playing it without any expectation about anything because the game is nothing you played before. Just play the game, you are gonna like it.
      PS: sorry for bad english

    • img
      MilfHunter Reply
      Aug 06, 2020 @ 02:24

      Did you know that there is a YouTube to see how this game looks like? u dumbass

      • img
        Sep 03, 2020 @ 22:54


        You shouldn’t talk with a mouth full of Pubes… you are likely to choke on a hair.

  • img
    fart Reply
    Sep 02, 2020 @ 01:22

    ass spread game for ass spread downloaders. gay ass clickbait only retard would d/l waist of time full unlocked rage

    • img
      Sep 03, 2020 @ 22:25


      Don’t be the shit stain on humanity that other’s would wipe out of existence.

  • img
    UNLOCKEDPls Reply
    Sep 07, 2020 @ 00:33

    The scene needs to stop using UNLOCKED in these titled. Sort of misleading for those not intimately in-the-know.

    • img
      Sep 21, 2020 @ 00:39


      As you have probably already noticed by the description up at the top of this page, the game is not yet cracked, however all the game’s data files are there.
      The purpose of this Unlocked state for the game simply means that if and when a crack does become available, or if someone wants to take a shot at attempting to crack the game themselves if they have the sufficient know-how and skills to do it, they can. It also saves time for those waiting on a crack to have the game already, without having to wait for a cracked version.

      I do agree with your statement in the sense where you say that it can be a little misleading by title for people who are not in the know or don’t know the terminology of what a Full Unlocked Game means.
      Apart from that, it is not that difficult for anyone to take the time to read the description to get a better understanding of just what that means.

  • img
    Dark75 Reply
    Sep 20, 2020 @ 23:29

    Any news for crack ?

    • img
      Sep 21, 2020 @ 00:28


      Your best source for any and all cracked, game related news from Scene Release Groups, is to go to:

      Search for any game there, and it will show you the crack status for that game.

  • img
    frastix Reply
    Sep 24, 2020 @ 16:59

    y entonces? para cuando?

  • img
    Deepstaria Reply
    Sep 28, 2020 @ 15:13

    Couldn’t wait for the crack so I bought it. This game has the spirit of Kojima alright. If you’re the type that just wants things to be handed to you in a silver platter or want a more action-oriented game, this ain’t for you. Freaking relaxing and challenging at the same time. Hope for everyone that the game gets cracked soon. It’s really comfy.

  • img
    Khaelorx Reply
    Oct 15, 2020 @ 01:33

    where can i get the crack i heard cpy cracked the game but i cant found the link can you guys help me for this thanks

  • img
    elo Reply
    May 13, 2021 @ 19:26

    if someone interested full cracked

  • img
    Paully Reply
    Mar 19, 2022 @ 19:31

    Can someone re-upload that torrent, please?