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Dreamkiller Update 1-SKIDROW

Dreamkiller Update 1-SKIDROW

When Alice was a little girl, she was haunted by nightmares. “So what?” you might say, every child wakes up in the middle of the night crying once in awhile. Yet the nightmares that tormented Alice were not just her own, they included the bad dreams of her friends as well! These phantoms returned to her again and again, night after night until finally somebody recommended a sanitarium to Alice’s mother that might be able to help. Unfortunately, her problems got even worse there, and by the time her mother brought her home, sleep had become utter hell for Alice. However, it was good in one way – Alice gradually learned to distinguish between her own dreams and her friends’, and what’s more, she learned to control them!

Many years have passed since then, and Alice has grown and started her own psychology practice where she relies on her ability to enter people’s dreams. She had great success at first, but lately the dreams have been changing, and it has become more difficult to fight them. Somehow the dreams have grown in power and once again Alice is experiencing the helplessness of her childhood years.

Dreamkiller is a fast, action packed, first person shooter developed by Mindware Studios for PC and the Xbox 360. The main character is Alice Drake, a psychologist with the incredible power to enter her patients’ minds where she can literally shoot the nightmares out of their heads wielding a variety of fantastic weapons. The Single Player game has 12 levels, each representing the disturbed mind of a different person – each level taking place in a unique environment where you will encounter completely new enemies. In Multiplayer, you fight a battle for the patient’s mind with your friends in one of four different game modes across eight separate levels.

Game Title: Dreamkiller
Store Page:
Genres: Action | FPP | shooters
Developers: Mindware Studios
Publisher: Aspyr Media, Inc.
Release date: 2009

Dreamkiller Update 1-SKIDROW

SIZE: 3 MB,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



Recommended: Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz, graphic card 512 MB (GeForce 8800 GT or better), 2 GB RAM, 10 GB HDD




1. Install Update
4. Copy the content from the SKIDROW directory on the DVD to
your installation directory and overwrite
5. Play the game
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