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Escape From Tarkov v0. Access

Escape From Tarkov v0. Access

A MMO FPP/TPP shooter with RPG and sandbox survival elements, developed by Russian studio Battlestate Games. Players become the members of two rivaling military corporations, fighting on the territory of an abandoned Russian city.

  •   Game Title: Escape from Tarkov
  •   Genre:
  •   Developer: Battlestate Games
  •   Publisher: Battlestate Games
  •   Release Date: 28 July 2017

Escape From Tarkov v0. Access

SIZE: 15.3 GB

Escape From Tarkov v0. Access.torrent


All links are interchangeable. If you cant see the links press CTRL+F5

1) Unpack the game to any folder.
2) Change the path in EscapeFromTarkov.reg and run / import (otherwise we get an error: Tarkov is not installed)
2a) We carefully check that there is a double slash in the path "\\" (otherwise we get an error: Tarkov is not installed)
3) Install DotNET_6.0.2.exe
4) Check in C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework that there is already v3.5 and v4.0 download otherwise it will crash
5) Run (as Administrator) via EscapeFromTarkov.bat

5a) Increase the delay between the launch of the emulation server and the launcher from the standard 15 seconds to 20-25-30 in the line: 
    timeout /T 15 /Nobreak of the EscapeFromTarkov.bat file
6) If there are problems with starting the Server from EscapeFromTarkov.bat, then renaming the Server.exe file to Server1.exe and editing EscapeFromTarkov.bat in two places helps:

tasklist | find /i "Server1" >nul 2>&1
if errorlevel 1 (
  echo Starting up AKI Server...
  start Server1.exe

7) Default server SPT-AKI is not available, and Port 443 is already in use means another program is already using port 443 needed by Tarkov Server
   Change port in Tarkov:

    "ip": "",
    "port": 443
    "ip": "",
    "port": 444

When launching the Tarkov launcher, in the Settings tab, the URL field add the port

Launcher.exe -> Settings -> URL

8) EscapeFromTarkov.reg

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Launch problems?

0) the start screen is loading endlessly: the problem was solved by disabling the "in-game overlay" in the GeForce Experience settings
1) .NET error? Download and install the latest version, preferably 32 and 64 bits at once:
2) If the Server starts but the game doesn't start, click Launcher.exe
3) If the game does not start from the Launcher, then delete / rename two files (local.ini and shared.ini) in the Tarkov folder, which is in the documents. This will reset the settings. Also on this folder in the documents and on the main one with the game, remove the "read-only" checkbox in the properties, if there is one.
4) If nothing helps, then delete / rename the folder C:\Games\EscapeFromTarkov\user this will delete the profile

NOTE: This article has been translated from russian to english.
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  • img
    Jan 02, 2023 @ 09:58

    with Multiplayer working?

    • img
      Yoyo Reply
      Jan 02, 2023 @ 10:39

      Obviously not ‍♂️ it’s a cracked game what do you think

  • img
    Jan 02, 2023 @ 12:02

    GGWTF Its Online Game WHAAAAAAAAT. How you add this game

  • img
    KC Reply
    Jan 02, 2023 @ 12:28

    possible to play against bots and they arent exactly easy sometimes, NO online buy it, I did, worth it

  • img
    Yoyo Reply
    Jan 02, 2023 @ 14:10


  • img
    sans Reply
    Jan 02, 2023 @ 15:11

    it is run? how to run the game?

  • img
    wolfbreen Reply
    Jan 04, 2023 @ 08:53

    NFO tab ? where can i find the instructions v0.

  • img
    Bruhskie Reply
    Jan 08, 2023 @ 02:57

    The AI bot made this game unplayable, simply because they will spin around in the same spot and shoot at nothing…. Tried to fix it with FIN AI mod but to no avail.

    • img
      Skydrow's Lover Reply
      Jan 09, 2023 @ 04:44

      Hey skydrow, I downloaded the previous version of the crack and they work like a charm, 0% problems. Now that the 12.12.32 crack got released are you going to work on the new 13.0 patch? That patch seems to contain a whole new map called Streets of Tarkov and gives a tons or new fixes and gameplay features, I would really love to play it. Thank you for your hard work I appreciated it a lot

  • img
    Jonny Reply
    Jan 17, 2023 @ 19:30

    what means “Read the instructions. (NFO tab)” its a file? beacause is not in there
    the game still says Buy a copy of the game

  • img
    [Insert Name Here] Reply
    Jan 21, 2023 @ 02:55

    Can I install mods with this?

  • img
    Grafias Reply
    Jan 25, 2023 @ 15:35

    If you’re missing the INFO file like I did, this is what I did to make it work.
    1. Extract the downloaded folder
    2. run the reg file
    3. run the server file
    4. run the EscapeFromTarkov windows file in Admin mode. THIS IS IMPORTANT
    5. have fun!

  • img
    nemeziano Reply
    Mar 09, 2023 @ 15:45

    I can’t play the game. I run the Luncher 1, then the server 1 , trying to run EscapeFromTarkov App ( i choose run as admin) but a black windows appear and then close.

    Can someone help me please?