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Funk Unplugged Update v20180528-CODEX

Funk Unplugged Update v20180528-CODEX

Funk Unplugged is a 3D Platformer where you can use your musical powers to save the world!

Ampy, an amplifier who has been in service for decades under some of the greatest rock legends of all time, finds himself put back to work when the G-Bots threaten to steal music away from everyone. Use and unlock Ampy’s abilities, like Double-Jump, Wall-Jump, Transform, and more to traverse the world and save the day!

The player will travel to the various areas to collect and fix the stolen Platinum records. The Director and his henchmen have taken these records and are instituting their own no-fun rules on everyone! The Board of Directors must be stopped, and only Ampy is up for the task.

Travel to the Treble Tropics, Arctic Aria, Beathoven’s Castle, and New Tempo City to fix the records and stop the G-Bots! In between missions, Ampy can change his appearance at the Ampy-Theater in the hub world, as well as try out some bonus levels, called Soundscapes!

Use your abilities to navigate through over a dozen levels in search of not only the Platinum Records, but for Gold Record and Jolts to unlock new moves and customization options!

Title: Funk Unplugged
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual
Developer: Vamped Games
Publisher: Vamped Games
Release Date: 25 May, 2018

SIZE: 140 MB







OS: Windows 7
Processor: I5 2.4GHz processor
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia 970 or equivalent graphics
Storage: 10 GB available space




Update v20180528:
no changelog was posed.

Update v20180526:
There seems to be a rare case of the customization menus locking up at times. To alleviate this while we investigate, pushing either escape, enter, or start on the Xbox Gamepad should close any menu
Updated controller menu to show crouch controls for xbox
Treble Tropics Track 2 - attempted fix at shaking water
Arctic Aria Track 3 - attempted fix for platforms that player could not properly land on over water section
Arctic Aria Boss - attempted fix where boss’ arm would not properly return to boss 
New Tempo City Track 3 - Fixed invisible wall colliders
Known errors
Some saw spedora enemies may not damage the player on impact
Players may need to talk to jolt-reward bots twice for their reward to activate

      - Extract
      - Run setup.exe and install update
      - Copy crack from CODEX dir to installdir
      - Play

      You need the following releases for this ↓ :


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