Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut is coming to PC on May 16

Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut is coming to PC on May 16

Sony has announced Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut for PC. SUCKER PUNCH’S OPEN-WORLD GAME IS MAKING THE JUMP TO A NEW PLATFORM.

In development at Nixxes in collaboration with original creator Sucker Punch Productions, the game will be released on May 16 via Steam and Epic Games Store.

Originally released for PS4 in July 2020, the open-world adventure game is set during the Mongol invasion of Japan in 1274.

Players take on the role of Jin Sakai, a samurai warrior whose adventure draws on Japanese history and the traditions of samurai cinema to craft what Sucker Punch calls “a gorgeous tale of revenge, empowerment, and hope”.

Post-launch the game was expanded with a cooperative online multiplayer mode called Legends, which also received a standalone release in 2021.

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut was released for PS4 and PS5 in August 2021. It added the Iki Island story expansion, which sees Jin travelling to a new location to battle a Mongol tribe led by a shaman known as the Eagle.

The PC version of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut will include the base game, the Iki Island expansion, and Legends mode.

The game had sold 9.73 million copies as of July 2022, according to Sucker Punch.

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    Tifa Reply
    Mar 06, 2024 @ 16:46

    denuvo is typing

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      Mar 06, 2024 @ 17:45

      @Tifa hasn’t every sony port been cracked?

      • img
        Pnskrsl Reply
        Mar 07, 2024 @ 16:06

        Yes. Day one @dank circle

    • img
      Bear Reply
      Mar 07, 2024 @ 07:06

      Sony never uses denuvo

  • img
    Kiko Reply
    Mar 06, 2024 @ 16:55


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    Dd Reply
    Mar 06, 2024 @ 17:30

    All games coming to pc, what’s the point keeping ps 5

    • img
      Jane Reply
      Mar 06, 2024 @ 20:36

      Not waiting for 3-4 years to play it

      • img
        Bayek13 Reply
        Mar 13, 2024 @ 05:27

        @Jane good point! LoL

  • img
    Mar 06, 2024 @ 17:35

    thanks for sharing this great news mate. was looking forward to it.

  • img
    Soulshroude Reply
    Mar 06, 2024 @ 17:45

    Won’t be or get cracked anytime soon. Calling it now.

    • img
      Mar 06, 2024 @ 18:08

      nahh give it a week. i believe.

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        Mar 06, 2024 @ 18:47

        will be cracked on release day most probably.

  • img
    azroma Reply
    Mar 06, 2024 @ 20:16


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    yiorgos Reply
    Mar 06, 2024 @ 21:55

    i played this game believe it or not before 10 years as a simple public you are going to ask?well thats a long story to write here but il tell you that,the games are out for special places 7-9 years before they go to public to buy.they sell it first to very special internet cafes around the world that they pay for lots of AAA title games in a kind of secrecy to the public,they cant advertise them openly in the rules the companies have to they get those triple A and double A games that are out for public now and we think they are new in development but they are not,they ve been developed before more than 10 years the list…all they say about new updates to the games that are out now they aret out lately,they are lying to the people saying its a new update,they have it in there hands lots of years back but they say its now been developed this update and we give it to you now when this is a lie,they already had it in there hands …im from the few people around the world that knowing that…i ve played all big titles like dark souls 1-3, bloodborne,sekiro,ghost of tsushima,elden ring and many many others a 10-15 years back…here now you know about how game industry system is working and i think they made that to earn more money and because they crack them too,this way they get more and care less about cracking even if they put denuvo some of them in there games now…

    • img
      GrandDelusions Reply
      Apr 29, 2024 @ 13:13

      @yiorgos kekw

  • img
    geriess Reply
    Mar 06, 2024 @ 22:38

    what about The Outlast Trials crack

  • img
    V Reply
    Mar 07, 2024 @ 03:15

    hell YEAH! the moment I saw this post I was like jump and 2 hands on high with excitement.

    • img
      yiorgos Reply
      Mar 07, 2024 @ 19:08

      to think,i have played the game alot of years back not on my pc but to a special internet cafe when the game was not out in the consoles yet but i dont want to spoil anything but i remember that it was not as good and deep,so precise combat like sekiro s mechanics but in a lower similar way, a lower state mechanics game but not low about the good graphics it has cause i remember the graphics was great similar to sekiro and even better at some points and i never watched a video by it all this time cause i wanted to forget the game completely to somehow experience it again like first time…i loved the game when i played it and all those years i was waiting for it patiently to come to pc…very interesting game,then its wukong the black myth,soon it is coming till the end of this year im sure it will…

  • img
    Great Reply
    Mar 08, 2024 @ 01:11

    Oh my this is my brithdate… It’s a gift for me..

  • img
    gg Reply
    Mar 08, 2024 @ 12:33

    Will you download a crack for the game?

  • img
    Mar 09, 2024 @ 13:41


  • img
    naka Reply
    May 10, 2024 @ 15:53

    qualcuno ha il link per scaricarlo perchè a me segna non trovato

    • img
      Leo Reply
      May 15, 2024 @ 06:56

      esce domani sera

  • img
    makao Reply
    May 15, 2024 @ 10:49


  • img
    goodguy Reply
    May 15, 2024 @ 15:27


  • img
    Clauss Reply
    May 15, 2024 @ 16:19

    @yiorgos Stop your lying ass

  • img
    Asmsd Reply
    May 16, 2024 @ 10:38


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