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Interstellar Space Genesis Evolving Empires v1.6-Razor1911

Interstellar Space Genesis Evolving Empires v1.6-Razor1911

The galaxy’s patience wears thin. Time is running short and it can no longer abide the childish games of its inhabitants. Although its races may still be young, their time for play is over, and their time for work has begun. While its throne can not lie empty, it is no place for a child. Ready or not, it is time for its favored children to take the reins of their existence. While many will falter, at least one must rise and evolve their race to meet its full potential. For the fate of the galaxy, and the many scattered civilizations which call it home, may soon depend on it.

Expansion Overview

This expansion brings two major new features into the game, Evolutions and Minor Civilizations. While these features provides tons of new content on their own, this expansion also includes 7 new leaders and 2 new music tracks!

Evolutions (New Gameplay Feature)

Explore new playstyles and evolve your strategies through the introduction of highly asymmetric space culture trees.

Evolutions provide unique, thematic, and highly asymmetric space culture trees custom tailored to fit every race in the game. With many game altering multipart perks to unlock, divergent paths to take, and randomization possibilities to explore, there’s no shortage of exciting new strategies to experience. As new doors open, others may close, as taking the reins of your empire will have you facing tough strategic decisions as you determine how best to evolve it.

Each evolution tree is usable by its own race as well as all custom races assigned to use its affinity. And yes when we say all races, we really do mean all races, as any expansion race you own will also receive their own unique evolution tree!

Minor Civilizations (New Gameplay Feature)

Discover, survey, and establish relationships with a wide variety of unique minor civilizations and reap their benefits… or destroy them and deny their benefits to others. The choice is up to you.

Minor Civilizations introduce a wide variety of pre-warp civilizations which are randomly spread throughout the galaxy waiting to be discovered. While finding them is hard, earning their trust is even harder, and those who wish to reap the benefits of a deeper relationship with them will need to spend time understanding who they truly are. You’ll need to be quick though, such powerful bonuses are certain to attract attention, and you wouldn’t want such power falling into the wrong hands.

With 7 different categories of minor civilizations, and three minor civilizations within each category, there’s always mysteries to uncover as you’ll never know for sure which civilizations exist in your galaxy!

New Leaders

One representative from each minor civilization category, 7 new leaders in all, await the opportunity to put their skills to work for a mighty empire like your own. That is, of course, if you prove yourself worthy of their trust first.

New Music

2 Additional Starmap Tracks inspired by the Evolutions and Minor Civilizations.

Interstellar Space Genesis Evolving Empires v1.6-Razor1911

SIZE: 4.16 GB,,,,,,,,,,

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