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Ninja Girl and the Mysterious Army of Urban Legend Monsters-DARKSiDERS

Ninja Girl and the Mysterious Army of Urban Legend Monsters-DARKSiDERS


In a world where monsters thrive and wraiths run wild, and ghouls and ghosts roam the streets, there exist those who hunt the creatures that do humans harm.

The setting is a Japanese cafe in the suburbs of present-day America. Inside, there are two girls. One—Kiri Hattori—runs the store, while the other—Mary—is its poster girl. Their true identities, however, are that of a ninja descendant and a fire-hurling ghost. Together, they protect the town and hunt the Dark Beings that disturb its peace. On a certain stormy night, they offer shelter to a girl they find in front of Kiri’s store. Appearing before them at the same time is the vengeful spectre—the Headless Horseman—whose story is inextricably linked with theirs.

The two of them take in the mysterious girl, Lily, and continue on with their lives. As they handle the day-to-day affairs of the cafe, a friendship begins to bloom between the three girls. However, those days do not last long. Lily wishes for a battle with Kiri. In the midst of their fight, the Headless Horseman reappears.

What is Lily’s objective?
What does their entangled fate with the Headless Horseman have in store?
And finally, what awaits them at the end of the battle?


Kiri Hattori VA: Ikumi Hasegawa
Kiri is a member of the Hattori, a clan of ninjas that traces back to ancient times. She has been receiving ninja training ever since she was a child, having their techniques drilled into her as part of her upbringing. Both her skills and her mental constitutional are exceptional. She is a peerless hunter of Dark Beings.

Though she had been living in Japan, she has come to America with a certain goal in mind. She spends her days running a Japanese cafe in the suburbs while fighting to protect the town’s peace from monsters.

She enjoys a good binding—that is, with rope, and doing it to someone else—from time to time, which seems to suggest she has a slightly sadistic side. She also finds pleasure in teasing her partner, Mary. Whenever Mary makes a mistake, the whip-like crack of Kiri’s rope sends a shiver down her spine.

Mary VA: Sayaka Harada
Three hundred years ago, Mary was wrongfully accused of being a witch and executed. As the sole bearer of her entire family’s vengeful rage, she turned into a vicious ghost that terrorized all those around her until she was saved by Kiri. She has made Kiri the center of her existence ever since.

She commands fire at will, and can send them lashing out at her enemies. Though the intensity of the flames is usually under her control, when her emotions run high, she can go berserk. For a berserk Mary, the line between medium and well-done can be particularly thin.

When the sun is up, she works as a waitress in the Japanese cafe. During the night, in true ghost-like fashion, she lives in a mirror in Kiri’s room.

Her favorite food is cold pizza, and anyone who dares tease her about it will surely have a taste of her fiery temper.

Lily VA: Natsumi Murakami
One stormy night, Kiri finds her collapsed in front of her store. Different from Kiri’s, she uses wind-style ninjutsu.

She has partial amnesia, having lostpart of her memories, and is now a live-in employee at Kiri’s café causing a bit of trouble.

Eventually, she opens up to Kiri and Mary, who also learn to trust her. She has a certain goal: what could it be…?

Headless Horseman VA: Ei Mochizuki
A towering, powerful being of the darkness that can easily swing his two-meter long zweihänder, he has enough magical strength to easily regenerate any minor damage immediately.

Lost his head hundreds of years ago from one of Kiri’s ancestors. His intense, deep-seated grudge keeps him alive as a being of the darkness.

It seems that he also has some kind of connection with Mary…


  • Tri-lang options: Play it in English, Japanese, or Traditional Chinese
  • Dual-lang display: Show two different languages at once
  • Gorgeous character art by Kiseri Matsumiya and PICPICGRAM
  • Adorable SD art by Hoshi
  • Exciting scenario by Ryoichi Watanabe
  • Multiple endings to unlock, beware bad ends!
  • Visual novel elements such as choices
  • Set in modern day America
  • Theme sung by AiRI
  • Extras menu to view CGs

Game Title: Ninja Girl and the Mysterious Army of Urban Legend Monsters! ~Hunt of the Headless Horseman~
Store Page:
Genres: Action,Casual,Indie
Developers: code:jp
Publisher: Sekai Project
Release date: 24 Jun, 2019

Ninja Girl and the Mysterious Army of Urban Legend Monsters-DARKSiDERS

SIZE: 1.39 GB


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  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only)
  • Processor: Pentium4 1.3GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX or OpenGL compatible card
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Sound Card: DirectSound Compatible




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