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Sailing Era Edge of the World-RUNE

Sailing Era Edge of the World-RUNE

*Purchase the main game and DLC.If you’re greeted with a new content unlocked pop-up and Fiona is available as the main character for a new game, then you’ve successfully unlocked the DLC.
*This DLC contains the new World Boss [Fermor] and exclusive content for the new Main Character [Fiona].

"Leave Stockholm for Reykjavik."
"It’s your mother’s hometown and where we first met."

The World’s End DLC comes with the following content:

New Main Character [Fiona]

Fiona, a Swedish merchant of Viking descent inherited her family’s failing business and huge debts brought about by the Hanseatic League’s sanctions. Despite the pain from losing her father, Fiona is determined to keep her family’s hard work away from the hands of their creditors, and she is desperately in need of a large sum of money to turn things around.

New Sailor [Marlene]

Marlene, an outstanding but grumpy shipwright and craftsman. She was raised by Fiona’s father after losing her parents and treats Fiona like her own elder sister, even though they are of the same age. Upon hearing that Fiona plans to set sail in search of an opportunity to repay her family’s debts, Marlene decides to join the adventure and contribute her outstanding skills as a shipwright.

DLC Story-Exclusive Port [Reykjavik]

Fiona follows the clues and things her father left behind and discovers a port linked to her mother’s origins, Reykjavik. In order to help Reykjavik prosper and thrive into a busy commercial port, Fiona decides to crush the Hanseatic League’s monopoly rule…

New Story-Exclusive Enemy [The Hanseatic League]

In the bustling trade center known as Lübeck, a powerful business alliance was born—the Hanseatic League.
They took the reins of the entire business world through carefully planned trade routes and commodities. Any port that refused cooperation with them would be hit with heavy sanctions and suffer being forcefully blocked off from all trade.
Meanwhile, the Hanseatic League secretly built a powerful armed maritime force in preparation for any resistance they may face.

Twenty years ago, Fiona’s father attempted to resist them, yet their trade restrictions led to his debts piling up and eventual bankruptcy.
Twenty years later, today, history is about to change by your hand…

New World Boss [the Fermor]

Gladio, a former admiral in the navy, was "forced" to become a deserter during a decisive battle, and the bounty on his head threw him into the abyss.
Unlike his subordinates whose hearts are clouded with greed, Gladio has his own code, even after becoming a pirate.

Sailing Era Edge of the World-RUNE

SIZE: 6.52 GB

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  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system


English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese





Extract. Copy crack. Play.
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