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Seed of the Dead Charm Song Update v2.102-TENOKE

Seed of the Dead Charm Song Update v2.102-TENOKE

Take the post apocalyptic world by storm with an enchanting voice as your weapon!
Survive the zombie hellscape and strive to emerge as its #1 top idol!

Jam-packed with brand new array of absurd content.
The world’s first ever post apocalyptic FPS anime girl idol game!
Brand new DLC for this increasingly outlandish game has arrived!

New Heroine

Home Town Observer and back-up supporter to the protagonist and his team.
It turns out that all this time, she was a girl with hopes and dreams of becoming a world famous idol. Armed with a lovely singing voice, elegant dance moves, and pistols akimbo, she aims to become the zombie ravaged world’s #1 idol!


Several weeks following the events of SOD: SH.
just as peace was finally starting to return to Home Town, Einomaru went missing during a patrol.
Fearing the presence of a new enemy, the protag and his team set out on a search and rescue mission to find her.
However, what they found was their missing girl mesmerizing a horde of Zs with her skillful song and dance!

Despite having fended off the zombies up until now, it was clear a menacing new type of mob is making its way toward Home Town.
Their only way out of this desperate situation, is to charm their enemies using the power of song.
Thus began their journey into idoldom…to protect the surviving human race!

Added Gameplay ・ Idol Mode

Become an idol producer and win over the zombie infested world with music!

The heroines are in need of dance lessons, live gigs, and other idol work.
Put on spectacular shows, grow your fan base, and set your sights on becoming a top idol!

Earn money through idol work, then buy items to deepen your relationship with each heroine.
Earn their trust and affection to become even stronger allies in battles against zombies!


  • Heroine and aspiring idol "Einomaru" makes her in-game debut
  • 5 new variety rich stages
  • Bring the joy of music to the post-apocalyptic world through the new Idol Mode!
  • 4 difficulty levels
  • Over 10 newly added weapons
  • More than 20 newly added items to collect
  • 8 new player skills to learn
  • Added mini games
  • New defeat scenes
  • 4 new heroine costumes
  • New heroine interactions.
  • Over 5 new Home Town expansion rooms
  • Estimated 15-30 hours of playtime.

Seed of the Dead Charm Song Update v2.102-TENOKE

SIZE: 445 MB

The following releases are required for this update ↓ :

If you cant see the links press CTRL+F5


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system


Japanese*, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish – Spain, Korean, Spanish – Latin America
*languages with full audio support





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