Tale of Immortal Update v1.0.115.259-TENOKE

Tale of Immortal Update v1.0.115.259-TENOKE

Tale of Immortal is an open-world sandbox game based on Chinese mythology and cultivation. You will grow to become immortal, conquer the beasts from the Classic of Mountains and Season, make your choices carefully and grasp your own destiny.

Step into the enchanting world of the Tale of Immortal, where cultivation is an art that requires more than just financial means and help from fellow cultivators. To truly master it, one must possess a deep understanding of the craft and have access to the right cultivation venues. But that’s not all—the journey is fraught with danger, as you’ll face unpredictable monsters, crisis-ridden mystic realms, insurmountable barriers, and brilliant treasures waiting to be discovered.

As a novice cultivator in the Qi Refining stage, you’ll set out from Yukong Village to cultivate your inner strength, defy the odds, and overcome adversity. With each breakthrough, you’ll be able to rewrite your destiny and cleave through the thorns on your journey. Cross continents, witness the wonders of the world, and then ascend to Tian Yuan Mountain, where the ultimate enlightenment of the Way awaits.

Embrace a fully-realized NPC world, where each character is a unique entity with their own friends, family, and life trajectory— completely independent of your progress. However, if you choose to meddle, you certainly can!

The game is yours to shape as you wish. Collaborate with your beloved to save the day, seek revenge alone, or even become the enemy of all. The choice is yours to make.

Master martial arts, teach NPCs the Taoist Mind, learn from seasoned gurus, and accept eager disciples. You can also take on the NPCs in the auction house and follow it up by drawing your sword or claiming your hard-earned spoils.

As part of a group of immortal cultivators, you can either shine bright or cultivate in secrecy. It’s all up to you and the path you choose to take.

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure? One where you might become the hero who saves the day and wins the heart of the love of your life? Or maybe you’re looking to stir up some jealousy in your crush and have them fight for your affection? How about fulfilling a fifty-year-old promise or getting caught up in the struggle of a mysterious organization? Perhaps you’ll uncover a long-forgotten treasure, only to have it snatched away by a cunning adversary?

The possibilities are endless!

But that’s just the beginning! As you journey through this immersive world, apart from interacting with a rich cast of NPCs, you’ll encounter a plethora of random events and side tasks that will keep you on your toes. Some might leave you feeling frustrated or hurt, while others could be just the thing to save you or make you stronger after facing danger head-on. Every decision you make will shape the narrative, leading to a unique and unforgettable story that’s yours alone.

Do you want to take your sect to new heights of power and glory? We’ve got the ultimate sect management gameplay that lets you experience the full range of sect life: from humble disciple to mighty sect master. Join a massive sect and work your way up from the bottom, or take on the challenge of leading a fallen sect back to prominence.

As a Disciple, you’ll complete sect missions, compete in sect tournaments, and fight for glory and resources for your sect.

As an Elder, you’ll be responsible for teaching and guiding your disciples, assigning tasks, and accelerating the sect’s growth.

The real power and responsibility, however, lie with the Sect Leader. You’ll need to keep order in the sect, plan strategic attacks and defenses, and fight for precious resources like Spirit Mines. If you’re ambitious enough, you can even conquer other sects and seize their exclusive "Rewrite Destiny" and manuals.

Achieve your wildest ambitions and unify the world, as long as you have the strength and the drive to make it happen.

To embark on an epic adventure, you need to hone your skills and become a true warrior.

Start by building a solid foundation of cultivation. Your mind skills are crucial to success, so focus on cultivating a powerful mindset. From there, you can delve into martial and spiritual skills to take your abilities to the next level. As you explore, keep an eye out for opportunities to create edges with your motion and special skills. And don’t forget to tap into your ultimate skills to save the day when necessary.

There are a dozen of manuals to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics. Will you specialize in one of the twelve Spiritual Roots, or master them all? What school of martial arts will you establish? The choice is yours.

There are treasures to be found in every corner of this world. From the Manual Pavilion to the mystic realms and beyond, you never know what you might discover. And with hundreds of rare and exotic monsters, fellow cultivators, ghosts, demons, and immortals to test your strength against, you’ll never be bored.

If you’re up for a challenge, why not try your luck at the Immortal Tournament or the Master Rankings? Can you break through the barriers of the Nether Mountains? Will your school rise to the occasion and prove its worth? As you journey through this perilous world, your school will be put to the test.

Sharpen your skills and harness the power of tools!

At the start, you get to choose from three formidable weapons, each offering a distinct cultivation system. The Bagua Jade grants you the ability to revive yourself and your chosen ally, the Eye of Providence allows you to steal Beast Skills and gain unparalleled insights into the world, and the Mythical Gourd empowers you to capture a Boss and enlist it as your loyal sidekick: command it to fight by your side or to search for treasure on your behalf.

And that’s not all. Refine your own Artifacts and summon Artifact Spirits to fight by your side. These Spirits not only offer you companionship but also trigger exclusive adventures and provide invaluable assistance.

Moreover, hone your skills in practicing Alchemy and Talismans, mastering the art of Geomancy and Feng Shui, and crafting a plethora of items to assist you in your explorations. Confuse your enemies, slay your foes, and emerge victorious every time!

Our studio hopes that in this game, players will express the theme of "Always stick to your heart, dare to fight against difficulties; make choices carefully and grasp your own destiny."

Tale of Immortal Update v1.0.115.259-TENOKE

SIZE: 140 MB

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  • OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 64 bit
  • Processor: 2.50GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: HD4400
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 25 GB available space
  • Additional Notes ↓ :


No data on steam.


Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English





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    qwerty Reply
    Jul 22, 2023 @ 02:01

    can not update..
    “the program has detected that this update is not available for your game version”
    how can i update?

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