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Trials of Mana-CODEX

Trials of Mana-CODEX

Trials of Mana is the 3D remake of the hit classic RPG released in 1995 as Seiken Densetsu 3.

This daring tale of overcoming the tests of fate has been given new life! Experience the beloved adventure fully modernized with graphic improvements, character voiceover support, a remastered soundtrack and a new episode which you can experience after the ending, in addition to an ability system and a new class that reconstructs the character levelling system plus more active battles!

This overlapping story of interwoven destinies changes depending on who you choose as your main character and companions! Will these young adventurers be able to use the power of mana to save the world from the brink of destruction?

When the world was shrouded in darkness, the Goddess of Mana drew forth the Sword of Mana to smite the eight Benevodons, monsters of destruction. She sealed the horrors inside the eight Mana Stones, bringing the realm back from the brink. Weakened from rebuilding the world, the Goddess changed herself into a tree and fell into a deep sleep for many years. However, the forces of evil soon sought to free the Benevodons to gain control of the world. They started a terrible war to further their plot and destabilize the kingdoms. Peace was at an end. Mana itself began to disappear from the world and the Mana Tree started to wither…

Revamped 3D Graphics
Trials of Mana is a full 3D remake of the third game in the Mana series, originally released in Japan as Seiken Densetsu 3. The entire game has been fully rebuilt from the ground up with modern 3D graphics.

Pick your Party
Players can choose their favorite protagonist and two companions from six different characters. The story will play out in different ways depending on the combination of the protagonist and companions in the party.

Battles and Character Growth
Will you go for light or darkness? Create different character types with the class change system! Character growth has been re-worked, adding in a new “abilities” mechanic and a fourth class for each character, to expand the breadth of customization. Build the party you want to enjoy a thrilling battle system with expanded action gameplay.

New arrangements for a total of 60 music tracks, overseen by composer Kikuta Hiroki. It is also possible to switch between the original and arranged soundtracks freely.

Trials of Mana-CODEX

SIZE: 16.1 GB

Trials of Mana-CODEX.torrent


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  • OS: Windows® 8.1 / 10 64-bit
  • Processor: AMD A-Series 2.5GHz / Intel® Core™ i3 2.5GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon™ RX 460 / NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 760
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 20 GB available space
  • Additional Notes ↓ : 60 FPS @ 1280×720


  • OS: Windows® 8.1 / 10 64-bit
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen™ 3 1200 / Intel® Core™ i5 2.5GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon™ RX 470 / NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 20 GB available space
  • Additional Notes ↓ : 60 FPS @ 1920×1080




      - Extract 
      - Burn or mount the .iso
      - Run setup.exe and install
      - Copy crack from CODEX dir to installdir
      - Play
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  • img
    mohamed Reply
    Jun 08, 2020 @ 13:10

    thank you thank you so much I was waiting for this

  • img
    PHILO Reply
    Jun 08, 2020 @ 18:05


  • img
    King Reply
    Jun 08, 2020 @ 22:43

    so you guys dont use gdrive anymore??? just in case u dont know, the bypass works again, well at least it works right know, i download the game from igg with gdrive, and like always i copy the file and than i can download.

  • img
    Kuroyami Reply
    Jun 09, 2020 @ 03:34

    is there like a crack only file that i/we can use? cus as someone who got shit internet (im sorry that i live in the worst region) , it is a pain to download the whole game all over again.

  • img
    theund Reply
    Jun 09, 2020 @ 06:54

    Is the a crack only?

  • img
    Goffer Reply
    Jun 09, 2020 @ 16:46

    You can find a fix at game copy world
    no spaces

  • img
    Jun 10, 2020 @ 09:56

    a lot of fun plus extensive game play

    Trials of Mana Gameplay (PC)

  • img
    PewPewPanda Reply
    Jun 10, 2020 @ 13:44

    All Hail Codex ! 😀

    Waited so Long, thx for your Work

  • img
    cyinn Reply
    Jun 14, 2020 @ 01:48

    some bug with the .dll crack impossible to copy him that said to me but the other files of crack i can

  • img
    Break Reply
    Jun 14, 2020 @ 02:19

    I cant seem to open the game, the exe crashes before even opening a window… Im on win7, but the demo runs fine so i dont think its a problem with my specs

  • img
    cyinn Reply
    Jun 14, 2020 @ 08:48

    Same as You @Break the dbdata.dll is block bit Windows defender because it’s a Trojan same after i allow the file

  • img
    TrumpISNO1 Reply
    Oct 25, 2020 @ 04:10

    Trials of Mana update 1.1.0 skidrowcodex ,realease ?